Our World

Photoyourworld is a family collaboration, we have setup home bases in Philadelphia and its Suburbs and Midland Michigan.  We do all the weddings as a team, so you get complete coverage with multiple angles of your wedding.

Mackie:  No my father did not hand me a Nikon film SLR when I was 8 years old.  But I am on the lookout for great images all the time.  When not in a shoot,  I fill up my iPhone with pictures of clouds and my 5 year old.  I make sure to take pictures of 'you'; If I am able to represent 'you' creatively in your images then I have done my job.

Pat:  I am the other half of the husband and wife team that we set up here in Michigan.  Mackie and I have been enamored by Wedding photography ever since our own wedding, seeing how photographers work and the results they accomplish.  We share the same style when it comes to Photography, that is to document the days' events as it happens and work on those images to tell the story in the final product whether it is a wall art, an album or a gallery of images.

Randall:  Randall represents the Philadelphia base of our Photography team.  His goal is to give you dramatic, out of this world images while being in the context of FUN.  When he works, he makes sure there is a relaxed and enjoyable environment where a four hour shoot seems like half an hour.  When not taking photos, he is a kick ass Mobile Applications Developer, think iPhone and Android apps.