Wednesday, December 2, 2015


The plan was to meet in Old Town Saginaw and find cool places to shoot at.  The only landmark that we know of in the area is the tiny Neon Sign Park which we would have to shoot in at dusk.  So the rest of the afternoon we walked around town and literally knocked on local businesses doors to as if we can take pictures of AJ inside their stores.

Also, one of the stores storage areas is said to be HAUNTED!

Thanks to, Mlive Saginaw, Stables Outdoor Shop for letting us shoot indoors.

Enjoy the Photos!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

NICK // SENIOR // Meridian High School Class of 2016

Nick came straight from Football practice to this Senior Shoot so we had reservations on whether we could have Nick do crazy poses.  But the kid got game, both in front of the camera and in the Ball Fields.

Nick has been playing baseball since 5 and as mentioned above he is a hell of a defensive player in Football.  We have proof here.  He is also an avid Fisherman and Skurfer (google it).

We had fun taking his pictures and despite his quiet ways, Nick delivered great smiles and modeling skills.

Enjoy the Photos!