Thursday, October 10, 2013

Senior Photos // Stephanie // Bay City Western 2014 // Bay City Senior Photographer

Is there any other place way cooler than your backyard to have your senior pictures taken?

That is exactly where Stephanie had hers shot and it does help that her yard includes a farm too.

Fast forward decades from now, and it will surely be sweet to see these images of Stephanie completing her High School years.

That is what photography is all about.  MEMORIES.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Commercial Work // Table Restaurant at The H Hotel // Midland Michigan Commercial Photographer

As a follow-up to our "A day in the life of Chef's Project", we were back at the H hotel to do some commercial work, this time at the ultra plush Table Restaurant.  We got away from the kitchen scene this time and worked our photo magic at a more formal setting: The Private Wine Room.  

Of course, we got a taste of some of the delicious dishes below, but we never sipped scotch while we were at work. 

Here are our favorites:

Photo Info: 1/100 at aperture 8.0, ISO 800.  2 flashes, 1 behind gelled and 1 camera left.