Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eric and Chelsa. Midland Michigan Wedding

With all states being blasted by snow and chilly weather, except Florida (yes even Hawaii had snow on top of Mauna Kea).  We take a look back at one of our Summer Weddings.

Eric and Chelsa were married at the beautiful Dow Gardens and the brand new Holiday Inn Midland.  Terrific wedding planning and execution on this one, we have to give it to the bride for her attention to detail.  Gotta love these...
1DetailsPrepIMG_0312Randall T2i 1.jpg
2DetailsPrepIMG_7768Randall 5d 1.jpg
3DetailsPrepIMG_8057Mackie 1.jpg
4DetailsPrepIMG_5393Pat T2i 1.jpg 5DetailsPrepIMG_5411Pat T2i 1.jpg 6DetailsPrepIMG_8121Mackie 1.jpg 7DetailsPrepIMG_5449Pat T2i 1.jpg 8DetailsPrepIMG_8311Mackie 3.jpg 9DetailsPrepIMG_0476Randall T2i 1.jpg 10DetailsPrepIMG_7874-EditRandall 5d 1.jpg 11DetailsPrepIMG_7932Randall 5d 1.jpg 12DetailsPrepIMG_8050Randall 5d 1.jpg 13DetailsPrepIMG_0544-EditRandall T2i 1.jpg 14DetailsPrepIMG_8163Randall 5d 2.jpg 15DetailsPrepIMG_8609Mackie 3.jpg 16DetailsPrepIMG_0604Randall T2i 2.jpg 17DetailsPrepIMG_8188Randall 5d 2.jpg 18DetailsPrepIMG_8203Randall 5d 2.jpg 19DetailsPrepIMG_8774Mackie 3.jpg 20DetailsPrepIMG_8793Mackie 3.jpg 21DetailsPrepIMG_8823Mackie 3.jpg 22DetailsPrepIMG_5841Pat T2i 1.jpg 23DetailsPrepIMG_9160-EditMackie 4 Official.jpg 24DetailsPrepIMG_5947Pat T2i 1.jpg 25DetailsPrepIMG_0907Randall T2i 2.jpg 26DetailsPrepIMG_0911Randall T2i 2.jpg

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